Last supermoon for 2023 and what you need to do

Last supermoon for 2023 and what you need to do

Heart to Heart


I am back from Greece and wow what a journey. It was always my dream to return to Greece as I have been there in past lives but not this lifetime. Lots of clearing from ancient times from Atlantis High Priestess.

For those that bought my activated Goddess pendants, congratulations. Enjoy the energy and return to home of your innate wisdom. These sold out before I returned home.

You may notice that I have photos of my fur baby, Zac. This newsletter I want to share about him and how he has been so HUGE to the healing of so many people and been his own leader of shining his brilliance. The top photo is Zac being his usual happy loving self and was featured on the front cover of the amazing Holistic Bliss Magazine. I had an article written about me and the founder of the mag asked to have Zac on the cover.

When Zac came into my life, he was from the RSPCA dog pound and was not happy and filled with fear. It was my sons that chose Zac in August 2016. I had just arrived back from Thailand and convinced my husband to get another dog as other dog died 10 years before Zac arrived in to our life.

After a few animal medical intuitive healing sessions and crystals grids, Zac changed completely in his looks, health and nature as you can see by the above photo. Zac kept speaking to me to release the Module VIII – Animal Medical Intuitive course and said ‘you must teach this’. I was so reluctant and resisted. Finally in September 2020 I released the first Animal Medical Intuitive course and was so proud to have Animal Medical intuitive Practitioners.

1st Animal Medical Intuitive Event September 2020

It has been an annual module that I now teach all because of Zac. And I want to congratulate the Practitioners that have just graduated recently as Animal Medical Intuitive Practitioners. Thank you for looking after the animal kingdom and those that love animals. As when a session is given it is about the whole family not just the animal. Celebrating you all for the 2023 Practitioners.

Animal Medical Intuitive Practitioners September 2023

The reason I share this is whilst I was in Greece, I was guided to tune in to Zac’s body and do 3 remote healing sessions on him. I did not like what I saw. Zac is unwell and we are all saddened by his diagnosis which is lymphoma. I have been sleeping with Zac each evening on the couch doing healing everyday and evening. Sometimes only getting 1 – 2 hours sleep with him.

Thank you to everyone that has been messaging, emailing, texting, calling, and sending messages on social media about Zac and checking in on me. It has been a huge emotional journey for me as Zac has been such a huge asset to the family and to healing so many people.

I haven’t shared his diagnosis before as I did not want the focus to be on disease and wanted the focus to be on love for him and the best for him. That was also his wishes when I talked to him telepathically.

We are taking one day at a time with him and having as much quality time as we can. He asked that we not do anything ‘aggressive’ or medical for his care as it is about the quality of his life. I am honouring his request. So, we have him with the love based alternatives.

I appreciate all the love, healing, and messages you have sent and welcome any more. Zacs favourite place is the beach and that is where I have been taking him for drives to.

In the Animal Medical Intuitive module, I explain that animals can never take on the human’s disease for them as they have their own journey. They can mirror the owners and family to teach and awaken the human to amazing insights just like Zac has done for our family and so many clients.

My wish is for all you to today and each and everyday to thank the animals in your life whether it be an eagle fling over you, a beetle on your plants or your fur baby, listen to the animal kingdom as they offer such great knowledge healing.

Thank you to all that have been part of Zac’s life as you know he looooooooooves meeting people. We love you and celebrate you.


On the night of September 29th, the full moon will grace our skies, casting its silvery glow upon the world. It’s an opportunity to witness the landscape transform under the moon’s gentle touch, creating a captivating ambiance. Whether you are in the heart of a bustling city or nestled in the quiet countryside, the full moon’s radiance knows no bounds. There is a certain magic that fills the air on a full moon night. It stirs the imagination, ignites a sense of wonder, and connects us to the cosmos.

Not only will it be the fourth successive supermoon of 2023, but it is also the final supermoon of the year. This is an Aries full moon in opposition to the sun at 6 Libra. It is a time of reflection, pause and slow down. If your inner voice says not do something, don’t do it. It’s the perfect time to take peaceful timeout.

This all aligns with what students will be learning and accessing at my Modern Medicine Woman retreat. It is what I have already felt I needed to so for me and that is reflection time and pause. Of course, Zac is teaching me this as well at the moment.

So set yourself up for success and allow yourself to reflect and pause for this last super moon. Maybe make a crystal grid, have a ceremony, or even go to the beach and allow the call of the whales and dolphins speak to you.


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Absolute Love

Jean Sheehan is a 6-time Amazon Best Selling Author an award winning and internationally recognised Medical Intuitive known as the ‘Walking Talking MRI’ who travels the world teaching The Secret Codes to Success®.


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