Let your potentiality shine

Let your potentiality shine

Let your potentiality shine

Hello Super Soul


Have you ever had a roadblock?


A roadblock is an obstacle that you set yourself, believe it or not. Self-limiting beliefs are obstacles you set yourself. When our heart is open, we see the gift in all things and know there is genuine gifting and sharing.

I had roadblocks so huge when I was a teenager that they would stop me in my tracks. I can come across the same blocks now, but they are tiny that I do not fall to the illusions of the ‘block’. In reality they are the same size, but my self-limiting beliefs are not there. It is because I know they are perception, and it is how I see them as a limitation, story or challenge.

When a baby first learns to crawl and walk, they don’t limit themselves, they keep trying to get the result they want. As a child when we lose a friend, we easily look for another with grace and ease. When we first learn to drive the concept of learning so much and being in control of our journey can be daunting. And yet on the first lesson we see ‘proof’ to our self of what we think we cannot do. The more we do it the more we have more proof. You have gone from believing to knowing. You must have believed on some level that you could achieve this experience otherwise you would not have given it a go let alone more attempts.

As adults one might say, ‘I will believe it when I see it’. Dr Wayne Dyer considered the father of personal development says the truth is ‘I will see it when I believe it’. There is another tip to this and it is appreciation.  When I had my first car, it was small and unique and a bomb! I always cared for it as though it was a new modern vehicle of pure luxury. I washed and polished it and kept it sparkling even though there was a huge dint from the previous owner. My belief was and is if that I treat something as though it is precious and grateful with full appreciation I will attract more of the new. I was called ‘stupid’ and ‘ridiculous’ for this belief system but it seemed to work every time. The clue is not to give up but give of faith in yourself.

Potentiality is always within us but we forget and it is when we reflect on what we have created we can see more possibilities. So today know that you are PURE POTENTIAL and overcome any roadblocks. Gift yourself permission to shine your potential.

Absolute love to you,


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Know if your body has nutrient deficiencies with Medical Intuition

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Let your potentiality shine

Let your potentiality shine

Give yourself permission to let your potentiality shine...
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