Navigating Uranus retrograde

Navigating Uranus retrograde

Guess where I am?


I am currently working in Greece accessing the High Priestess of Atlantis energies with a gorgeous group of women and having amazing downloads of memories. As you know this already happened in Egypt earlier this year and this is another connection to it.

It is fascinating being here as my culture is Greek and Arabic. I am clearing past lives on myself and things from this lifetime related to being ‘belittled’ and ‘squashed’ as a woman and someone of authority. What that means is that each time I have shined my brilliance, the old paradigm has been threatened and tried to keep me quiet or shut me down. Those of you who relate to the Priestess energy know what I mean.

As you know, doing this healing work, we need to clear the old pains, stories and memories so that we do not make it happen again and again. I feel very honoured and blessed that I can do this and also with gorgeous connections.

Before leaving for Greece, I was guided to share this universal message for you as we enter the 2nd full moon for August and the Uranus retrograde.


“We are here to learn and grow and we do that by making mistakes and learning from those.

And when you try, experiment and trail things you have the power to discern if it is empowering of disempowering for you.

I remember many years ago, I had made a major mistake that would ruin my life and others.

I decided to leave Nursing as I know my calling was Medical Intuition and Mystery School as I could service more, better and get better results.

That is not how this person so it and they said.

“You are an embarrassment to take out”.

“You cost the family money”.

“I can’t be seen with you”.

I am sharing this today as sometimes others’ views, perceptions and judgements are not yours to own or have. If they see my decisions as a mistake that is OK.

You see if I do make a mistake along the way, I get to evolve, grow, learn and recreate an even better life.

In the grand scheme of life, there is no mistakes really as they are all experiences.

Take Thomas Eddison for example …. Thank goodness he had so many ‘mistakes’ for us to have light!”

Today, give your self permission to grow and make mistakes.

Give yourself permission to experiment and experience life.

If you do this you bring health and happiness to you and your life.

During Uranus retrograde, the transformative energy of the planet Uranus appears to reverse its course in the sky. This celestial event prompts us to delve inward, challenging us to reassess our beliefs, ambitions, and perspectives.

Uranus, known for its association with innovation and liberation, encourages us to break free from stagnant patterns and embrace change. As this retrograde period unfolds, we may encounter unexpected disruptions and revelations, urging us to confront areas of our lives that require a revolution.

Although unsettling at times, Uranus retrograde ultimately serves as a catalyst for personal growth and the liberation of our authentic selves. By embracing this period of introspection and adaptation, we can harness Uranus’ electrifying power to ignite profound and positive transformations within ourselves and our surroundings.

Navigating Uranus retrograde requires a delicate balance of flexibility and introspection. As the planet of sudden upheavals, this celestial event can bring unexpected twists and turns to our lives.

During this period, it is crucial to remain open to change and embrace the unconventional. Adapting to the shifting energies is key to successfully traversing this retrograde phase. Delving into self-reflection allows us to identify outdated beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve us, making room for personal growth and breakthroughs.

Whilst this may feel unsettling, remember that Uranus retrograde acts as a catalyst for positive transformations. Trust in the process, stay receptive to new ideas, and be willing to let go of the old to welcome exciting new possibilities into your life. Embracing change with an open heart will empower you to navigate Uranus retrograde with grace and resilience.

And lastly allow yourself to integrate this energy with the 2nd full moon for this month, 31st August 2023. Feminine energy and transformations will be divine and activate the changes necessary to align to the 5th dimension.


I have had Goddess pendants handmade for me and have taken these to Greece to be activated. If you feel guided to purchase one, please let me know by replying to this email as they relate to Atlantis and sharing your wisdom. When I get back, I will contact you and we can post this divine pendant to you.

Keep connecting with me on Facebook as you can receive the direct healing and messages for you each day on my posts or you can reply to this email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


In the mystical land of Egypt, as the new millennium dawns upon the ancient sands, there arises a profound call to return to self. Echoing the whispers of the pharaohs and the reverberations of millennia-old pyramids, a timeless message resounds – it is time to rediscover the essence of one’s being. The new millennium in Egypt beckons its people to honor the past, while embracing the present, paving the way for a promising future where the journey to the self becomes a guiding light through the ages.

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