Stop listening to them – you can do anything!

Stop listening to them – you can do anything!

Stop listening to them – you can do anything!

Heart to Heart


The universe has heard you and is ready to back you up and in fact it wants you to shine your brilliance

You see I wrote about my experience on Facebook when I first started my metaphysical business and how people said some unconscious, hurtful things about me and what I did. I wrote it as I am passionate about people like you shining your brilliance. I know that you have come to the world with a purpose to offer and I want you to share and shine as the community needs you. This is what I wrote and I would love to know if you can relate….

When you are told ….

– you are stupid
– there is no such a thing
– you are making things up
– you are not spiritual
– you are crazy
– what would you know
– you are too corporate
– you are not spiritual enough
etc etc etc etc

Years ago, when I first started teaching about sacred geometry and sharing what I remember from ancient Mystery Schools, I had all sorts of comments and statements said to me. I chose not to listen to them as my mission and passion for helping others was deep in my heart and mind.

It took a lot of resilience, strength, courage, bravery, determination, tears and passion to follow through what I knew to be true. Yes, I would be exhausted and excited at the same time.

Always follow what you know to be true and listen to your heart as you will always be supported and guided in the way you need to go. In other words, go with the flow of you.

I am so glad listened to what I know to be true and follow through on my dreams and goals even when people did not believe in me or see my vision. Today my heart is full as I get to support, help and service so many people and animals. How blessed I am.

I share this today for all the HEALERS, coaches, mentors, and facilitators who might be needing love and support. I back you up, I cheer you on and I know you can do this. No holding back super souls. In fact, this is for anyone who needs to read this today.

Love to you all


No one could see the 10 Point Merkaba and yet I am holding it my hand after I had someone many years ago say yes they would make it for me and now I have all these handmade and activated at the Egypt pyramids


It’s the last month of Autumn and I can totally feel the energy shift. If fact I am ready for May which according to Sacred Geometry is a time to ‘commence winding down’ according to the Millennium Calendar®. I love working with the Sacred Geometry of Manifesting and when I follow the flow everything always works and I manifest easier. My health is great and I am at peace.

We have a Pluto Retrograde, 2nd May – 12th October 2024. In ancient astrology and Mystery Schools, it was understood that planets in retrograde were journeying like a vision quest to gather insights, look at your perspective. Now we commence a period where transformation or personal growth needs some introspection. This might change how we perceive and utilize our inner strength, potentially leading to positive shifts. Pluto in retrograde is a FABBO time to reflect on how you are doing with change and transformation.


Recently I shared about winter and what you can do to prepare according to sacred geometry and law of attraction. I have (2) videos you can watch to prepare, learn and make your life the best.

  1. Are you ready for winter and ready to receive? CLICK HERE
  2. Mystery school wisdom preparing for winter CLICK HERE


I have had so many people ask me about Mystery School and what is it. Is it something new? I have written an article for you to explain what it is READ HERE ….  Please know the full experience of this is traveling to the ancient sights with me such as Egypt (apply here for a chat) and Mexico (apply here for a chat).




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Absolute Love

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