What is Depression?

This new form of depression is the 21st century ‘disease’. Traditionally it affected men and women between the ages 30 – 40 but now even children such as 5 years old are being diagnosed with depression. Clinically depression is an ‘illness’ that affects the way someone feels, causing persistent lowering mood. Depression can affect sleep, eating habits, social interaction and general coping mechanisms. The word depression can also mean:

•  Despair
•  Sadness
•  Gloominess
•  Hopelessness
•  Melancholy
•  Dejection.

According to the certified Millennium Modality™ – MEDICAL INTUTION, depression is stored in a few areas of the body, besides the modern day medical understanding of the pituitary gland. These three areas are: the heart, the elbows and the small bowel.


The outer elbow – storage of depressionThe outer elbow – storage of depression

The ELBOW area is concerned with feminine energy which includes the right brain, creativity and intuition and insight. It is all about harmony – the balance between dualities and everything being peaceful. If you look at the elbow, it is in between the wrist (digestion of life) and the shoulder (heart protection). If the person has grown up digesting life in FEAR and constantly trying to protect themselves from anyone hurting their heart, the ELBOWwill be the breaker between the two. However if the person is overloaded with ‘sadness’, the result will be depression. The best way to understand the medical intuitive concept of this is by example. (The following examples are actual clients with name changes for privacy).


Client 1 – Nurse Isabel 

Isabel worked as Nurse for over a decade. She always appeared so happy and strong. On the wards it was always Isabel that was sort after if there was a crisis, trauma or dealing with disgruntle staff. Isabel was an Enrolled Nurse – she was the Nurse who was mostly hands on with patients, caring for them, their advocate, and very important support for the registered Nurse. Her knowledge, wisdom and experience in some cases was far superior than some Registered Nurses. Isabel’s favourite areas of nursing were surgical, casualty and palliation. Isabel had a way of making everyone feel at ease and supported. Generally speaking the staff new if Isabel was on the shift, all would be ok.
Isabel presented to me with an aching elbow and called it ‘tennis elbow’. As she spoke I noticed how strong she ‘appeared’ and yet how guarded she was too. As she moved her right wrist, it made a cracking sound. Her shoulders were slouched forward and there was a definite drop in her right shoulder.  From these two ‘physical’ signs I knew that she had ‘digested life’ in fear which was located in her noisy wrist. They were such petit wrists too. The shoulders were rounded indicating she was protecting her heart – protecting herself in case anyone hurt her emotionally. The dropped right shoulder showed she appeared to have a strength to the masculine world when in fact she was feeling burdened with feeling sad and depressed and armouring herself to life.
As Isabel talked, I asked her about what she was like as a child to which she explained everything was done in fear as her Father believed in discipline, ‘fear motivates’ and ‘got to work hard for your money’. She never knew when her Dad was going to be angry and therefore Isabel and her Mother would live on egg shells. Her Dad would say quite mean and unloving comments such as ‘you are fat’, ‘you will never get a boyfriend’ and more. She was told to ‘put on a brave face’ to which she learnt to never show her true feelings and as child she learnt to care about everyone but not herself. She was taught that their feelings were more important than hers. This was the commencement of her disease depression. She continued life all the way through, ignoring her own feelings and suppressing her sadness or fear and just like her Mother said ‘Put on a brave face’.
The first signs of depression were an aching elbow and the wrist making a cracking noise. She visited a specialist Doctor in arthritis as she thought it was the start of arthritis. He put her on medication but it seemed to be getting worse. A friend suggested a Naturopath to which she loved the idea. The herbs appeared to be working. That is until she had found her long standing relationship with her boyfriend of 7 years had come to an end. He had wanted to move as Isabel did not want to get married and therefore he felt he needed to end the relationship. This destroyed Isabel’s heart and soul. She was devastated. She did not allow herself to grieve or take any time off as she knew they were short staffed on the ward. The ache now become unbearable and that is when she came to see me.
The first approach was to balance the acidity in her body as she was very acidic when I looked inside her body. So I requested to have a diet free from sugars and carbohydrates. The acidity was affecting the fluids in her elbow and making them crystals and creating pain on a physical level. Then when we went deeper and looked at the emotions ….. sure enough, she was feeling depressed from all the sad occasions and experiences she had . Her elbow was trying to communicate with her but she did not understand what it was saying. Her elbow was indicating ‘stop putting on a brave face to the world’. With the help of essences that I made for her, life style changes and learning tools and techniques for emotional care, her elbow was not sore. In saying that, she had become conscious of her body and what it was saying and therefore Isabel was able to help herself heal. (Isabel did all the four modules of Medical Intuitive Courses




The Small BowelThe Small Bowel


The small bowel is concerned with assimilation of life, nourishment, joy/sadness and separation. The small bowel plays a significant role in depression especially when relating it to ‘separation’. The separation is from ABSOLUTE LOVE/GOD. As this occurs the person is unable to discern what is truth – is it fear or love? Working from the head space blocks insight & wisdom and therefore creates depression and sadness and despair. When people work from heart and love, their insight/intuition brings harmony and joy and with that a perspective of safety, security and love. If the small is blocked or constipated, the mind will be affected and not be able to discern what is love and what is fear.

When I teach Module II – Medical Intuition, you understand that the small intestine is a mirror image of the right brain. In saying this, it is the creative part of the body in the physical realm. When specific foods are eaten, it blocks the creative part of the body and creates separation and self poisoning. Therefore creating a world of hell rather than heaven. (Foods are discussed later in the article) The main reason for depression linked to the small intestine is the separation from the absolute or God consciousness.


Client 2 – Migraine Mick
Depression and Migraines due to the small intestine

Depression and Migraines due to the small intestine


Mick’s Mother had every test for Mick to help in regards to this debilitating disease. Many medical tests proved to be insufficient such as eyes, teeth, back, jaw, food allergies, constipation, hormones level checks, x-rays and blood tests. The one thing that was not checked was depression and the emotions in the small bowel

Mick came to see me as this was affecting his life. He did not want to live any more! The headaches were killing him, he said. I requested Mick to keep a journal of his moods and emotions, especially at new moon, full moon and integration moon (when the moon is half). Sure enough, he noticed that the moon was a definite trigger especially around full moon and feminine energy. He noticed he was so ‘down’ and felt lonely and separated. As he shared more, he found that he had this over whelming sense of depression and sadness nearly all the time. Then as he kept his emotional journal, he was aware that it was especially after eating wheat, carbohydrates and sweet foods that the depression was exacerbated. I requested he be aware of how he interpreted people’s comments as the small bowel is about assimilation. The small intestine assimilates food/fluid and also emotions, the days happenings and more. Sure enough, Mick was able to see that he was unable to discern what was truth – were the other people saying it with love or fear which then triggered Mick feeling depression. He was hearing the people say things but he assimilated it in fear rather than love. The depression altered his perception.

Mick was to diaries his bowel movements and notice his emotions, especially depression. Again depression came up when he was constipated. He also experienced the migraines then too. The migraines and the depression were directly linked to the body consciousness of the small bowel and when that was blocked he felt depressed. I suggested to Mick that he keep away from wheat, rice, pastas, and carbohydrates to see what his migraines and depression was like. Mick kept off these foods for 4 weeks and in that time he did not experience one headache or feeling depression!
Now Mick is much more aware of his depression feelings. He watches his diet, is aware of the full moon and takes certain essences I have prescribed for him for the depression. His moods have changed from sadness to joy. (Mick also has attended the Medical Intuitive Courses and designed his destiny of a new life, wife and job with no migraines or depression!)




Heart Organ
Heart Organ

In my clinical practice, courses and results of past clients, I have found the organ of the heart is the biggest factor of depression. Each and every organ, endocrine and more has a body consciousness – a belief system within the body part which holds a specific emotion and understanding. The bonus is humans have an opportunity to understand what each body part means and therefore heal it when it becomes ‘sick’. The body consciousness of the heart includes:

•  Awareness
•  self love
•  respect
•  love of others
•  harmony
•  peace
•  balance

There are specific personality types that work purely from heart – they relate to Lemuria and are known as AQUA Adults and Children. These souls have a love of others and relate best to life when it is in balance, harmony and peace. As soon as life requests them to be out of the HEART and use their head, it will create an unbalance and depression. The depression and sad feelings occur when these gentle souls know they are working from love and heart and the earth bound head concepts ‘slash them’ with cutting words, ignorance, disrespect, non awareness and projected self opinion.

Client 3 – Heart of Gold Carol


Heart of Gold – Absolute Love and compassion

Carol worked in the Metaphysical realm – she was a Healer. Carol kept this secret from others and always spent every cent on a crystal, spiritual course or book, and wanted to be able to teach her ancient wisdom she had. To the rest of the world Carol appeared to be happy and secure. She worked at the local supermarket, stacking shelves. She knew there was something else there for her. She desperately wanted leave the supermarket job and work in an area that filled her heart and fascinated at the same time.

Carol’s husband was in the Police Force. He did not understand or approve of the spiritual work and he based his life around systems, proof and logical outcomes. This other world was all ‘stupid’. This comment and belief destroyed Carol. Her love and passion was the spiritual work. She resonated with it and when she heard her husband degrade it, it broke her heart creating depression.

Carol had a heart of gold. She was compassionate for everyone except her self. She would be there for everyone and offered assistance in any way she could. She desperately wanted to be a mother and was gifted in the talent of nurturing, however her husband had decided there was to be NO children. As a result Carol nurtured the community.  Carol and her husband worked from a total different space – she was from heart and emotion whilst he worked from head and money. She could not understand his abrupt ways and his hurtful comments. After being married for 5 years and having experienced his cold ways and comments about her and her work, Carol’s heart was broken. She had never felt so sad and depressed in her life. She always showed love of others without judgement from her heart and yet in return she was disrespected and shown criticism by her husband …….. it was too much and the depression took over. Her heart was destroyed.

Again, Carol was given specific essences and she attended Opening Doors Seminar (Module 5B). She was able to understand true empowerment was love of self and self approval.

She used the universal life tools taught in this course to change her situation and loved herself enough to leave her supermarket job. She designed a business card, started telling people about what she did and within two months she was working as a Spiritual Healer. Her husband also changed and he opened up to her work …… he needed proof which was to see her earning money from this ‘healing work’. The husbands ‘cold and cutting’ comments ceased and Carol was able to be aware of depression when it arose. After attending Module I (Body Consciousness) and Module II (working with the seasons), Carol knew Winter time was a vulnerable time as she was prone to depression. At that time she refrained from carbohydrates and sweet foods to prevent the depression. As for her heart, it sings with joy when she is doing her work and she is a state of Utopia. (Carol is about to attend Teacher Level of Medical Intiutive).



Ascension Symptoms
Ascension Symptoms

Those that are getting depression in the 21st century are the souls that are having an awaken to GOD or the ABSOLUTE LOVE. They are the ones that have never believed in the supernatural and metaphysical world. The reason for this is we are moving from the 3rd dimension to the 4th & 5th dimensions. This is related to the information from the Mayan calendar – 2013 Beyond. The Earth and Universe are helping struggling souls to be aware (heart) of other realms by creating life changing events.

The depression comes in the form of ECONOMIC Crisis, tsunami, earthquakes, bombings, terminal disease and relationships upheavals. The depression these people are feeling will not be helped through western medicine but through Millennium Education life tools, sacred geometry crystal gridding, emotional care and change of diet. (Taught in Millennium Education courses). This depression is a NEW form of depression – it is about lifestyle changes to bring everyone and everything in to a complete and whole being as it once was created. This is about living a life with no dualities or EGO.


Depression - Feeling very blue

Depression – Feeling very blue

 Depression is also affected by:

•  Weather
•  Elements
•  Food
•  Seasons
•  polar shifts
•  planetary movements
•  mind power
•  medication
•  the duality of separation from ABSOLUTE EMPOWERMENT.

Food has a huge impact on our moods and emotional well being. Sweet and sugary foods affect the pancreas (Body consciousness is the sub conscious mind) and will create duality and illusion in something that is created in love to appear to have been created in fear. The sweet food and this includes alcohol, soft drinks and carbohydrates such as bread, creates the illusion of fear and depression in the pancreas. It empowers us physically but disempowers us metaphysically & emotionally. Carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta and the like block the small bowel. As mentioned previously, the small bowel body consciousness is about assimilation and these foods, especially containing gluten, block how we assimilate life as well as food. The gluten injures the small intestine. This assimilation process causes depression as life is assimilated in sadness rather than in joy. (The body consciousness of the small intestine is sadness/joy, separation, assimilation.)


Depression is excess sadness

Depression is excess sadness

Certain weather will also create depression – especially the winter months. This is a time where most people become retreat and not socialise. For some this can create depression as they feel isolated and separated and worthless. (Remembering the body consciousness of the small bowel is separation and therefore Winter will exacerbate these feelings.) These emotions can be exacerbated with winter as the foods generally eaten contain more carbohydrates, sugar and gluten. An abundance of rain also creates depression as the element of water is representative of emotions. Excessive water can create feelings of drowning, depression and being unable to feel free as the entrapment feelings of being inside affect the mind. There are certain personality types that are more prone to depression to. These are both the STAR and AQUA personalities.

Star Child
The Star Child

The STAR child/adult is an introvert personality. They prefer being away from people, having the room closed up with no windows/doors open. Extreme STAR personalities will listen to music which is morbid, and can be fascinated by death. These concepts will create depression. The Star personality loves carbohydrates and excess indulgence will create the depressed feelings.


Aqua Child


The Aqua Child

AQUA personality is here to learn about emotions and are teachers of unconditional love. They will feel valuable if they keep occupied and have total attention – good or bad attention. The Aqua personality is prone to depression if they feel unlovable and not worthwhile. Their moods will cause them to eat sugary food exacerbating the depressed feelings.  These divine souls require to keep their mind stimulated and occupied so they do not feel separated and depressed. They also require social interaction so as to prevent depression.



•  Drink at least 2 – 3 litres of purified water per day
•  Eat mostly fruits and vegies – raw is better
•  Ensure to get sunlight – at least 10 minutes a day
•  Exercise at least 30 minutes day
•  Refrain from sugary foods
•  Refrain from carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, breads
•  Journal three things you are grateful for every day
•  Be with uplifting people
•  Have nurturing people around you
•  For those that enjoy mango – they have a natural antidepressant affect
•  Take deep breaths to relax and view the world differently
•  Australian Bush Flower remedies assist the process of tapping in to your pure potentiality –
(Contact Jean Sheehan directly via email to arrange an Esssence Consult)
•  Surround yourself with things/people that make you feel loved and worthwhile
•  Stimulate the mind with positive or like minded people/things
•  Read positive affirmations every day as a ritual
•  Get up early and ensure you have a plan for the day of things you want to get done
•  Ensure you have enough sleep
•  Read motivational literature – books, biographies, websites, etc
•  Make a vision board of the things you would like to achieve
•  See a naturopath / herbalist that can aid your circumstances
•  Choose a creative pathway which fills your heart
•  Plan your life


The key to happiness is having a dream
The key to success is making it come true

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