Navigating the Spring solstice and new moon energies

Navigating the Spring solstice and new moon energies

Hi gorgeous Soul


I am still in Greece and getting ready to come home as my baby boy is turning 24 year this week! I know some of you have been with me many years and remember he has attended my events since he was tiny and has learnt all my wisdom.

One of my passions is being a Mumma. I love my work and always will however being a mum is the biggest gift I have received as a soul having a human experience. I was always told I could never have children and then my older son, Jamie was born. He chose this world with lots of medical and surgical challenges. I wanted to make sure he was not alone and had a sibling. So, 6 years later Joshua was born.

Joshua is my AQUA son. He has taught me so much about being unlimited and was like me when I was little. For those that don’t know what AQUA personality is, watch my video that I did for further education of school teachers. CLICK HERE

Aqua personalities relate to a life time called Lemuria, a place of no limits, instant manifesting and magic. My heart remembers these times and the freedom we had then. The aqua personality always connects to this time and can struggle with the word NO …. I never said NO to Joshua as he would do the complete opposite of what I wanted.

The reason I bring up Joshua and Lemuria, is because it relates to the spring solstice, 23rd September 2023, which I have written about for you below so you can prepare for the magic.


As it is Joshuas birthday week, I am giving you 50% off the Millennium Children® Book which is a great resource to keep as it has about personality typing, their gifts and challenges, their jobs, their crystals, essence and so much more. To receive the discount, use the code JOSHUA. You can purchase as many books as you want as they make excellent Xmas gifts.


Nature has a way of surprising us, and on September 23, 2023, a truly extraordinary event is set to occur – the Spring Equinox, a phenomenon usually associated with the blossoming of new life and warmer weather, will grace us with its presence. This occurrence promises to bring a unique blend of symbolism and wonder, encouraging us to appreciate the beauty of the unexpected.

The Spring Equinox in September presents an opportunity for reflection and contemplation. In a world where predictability often rules, this anomaly reminds us of the beauty in unpredictability. It encourages us to embrace change and find joy in the unexpected twists that life presents. This symbolic moment prompts us to ponder the resilience of nature and its ability to surprise and inspire us.

As we eagerly anticipate this unique Spring Equinox, skywatchers and stargazers are encouraged to observe and appreciate the celestial marvel. Whether it’s through a sunrise hike, a gathering with friends and family, or simply taking a moment to step outside and soak in the changing light, this anomaly provides a chance to connect with nature and marvel at the cosmos.

I share this grid with you so that all your dreams are aligned to birth and nurture aligned with the Spring Solstice 2023.  This grid aligns with the Sacred Geometry of the Millennium Grid® and Millennium Calendar® to all aspects of the law of attraction, secret codes to success and manifesting.

To birth your ideas is to be able to give life to them and know life will give you what you focus on. And to nurture your ideas, is to look after them. And to allow all and anything to help you help the ideas to be able to grow so you can prosper. Time to embrace the light frequency codes of magic, miracles and magnificence aligned with the spring solstice 2023.


New Moon symbolizes the beginning of a new lunar cycle and teaches us an essential life lesson: to embrace the darkness that comes before the light. Like the moon itself, life is a cycle of continuous change. The New Moon is a potent time for introspection and self-reflection, urging us to look inward and embrace the aspects of ourselves that we may tend to neglect or shy away from.

It is a great time for this new moon, to set intentions as it allows us to focus our minds and hearts on our goals and aspirations. By harnessing the moon’s potential, we invite a powerful force of transformation into our lives. Whether it’s through journaling, meditation, or creating vision boards, these practices serve as a gentle reminder that we have the power to manifest our dreams.

As the moon begins its cycle anew, the New Moon marks a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. It encourages us to release the past and any emotional baggage we may carry, making room for new opportunities and growth. This cosmic event prompts us to leave behind what no longer serves us, making way for a brighter and more fulfilling future. It’s the perfect moment to embark on new projects, start healthy habits, or cultivate a positive mindset.


In my last newsletter, I mentioned that I was taking these divine Goddess pendants to Greece to be activated at the High Priestess temples. The process was so special and divine, and I am happy to let you know these are now ready for you to purchase. Reply to this email if you want one and I can organise it for you.


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Jean Sheehan is a 6-time Amazon Best Selling Author an award winning and internationally recognised Medical Intuitive known as the ‘Walking Talking MRI’ who travels the world teaching The Secret Codes to Success®.


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