What is Medical Intuition

What is Medical Intuition

History has shown that humans have been practicing ‘healing’ for millions of years as it has been recorded in the Bible, Sanskrit, and the Koran. It is also seen in the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians, Aztecs, Incans and Mayans. A combination of natural remedies and prayer were used by Ancient Egyptian doctors (as taught in MOD I). The Ancient Greeks lent more rational thinking when dealing with medicine and our modern medicine is based on Ancient Greek medicine.


As people began to idolize and worship outside of themselves they forgot that we are all of ONE.

In ‘Atlantis’ the teachings were; we are of ONE, there was no separation or duality, they were all equal, they had an understanding that they all worked together and each one had their own gifts and talents. They knew that healing was to make whole and complete and all illnesses were curable.

The ‘Lemurians’ were very in touch with the Earth and also understood the Oneness, they were the sacred keepers of the records of Earth. They knew something was about to shift in the Earth, so they begin to teach as many people as they could so it would be stored in the cells of their bodies, they also put information into the crystals in the hope that this information could be resurrected at a safe time. This information in the crystals and the people went underground for protection. The shift was in the form of the great flood of Atlantis. The prophets knew that people would be moving away from this sacred knowledge and teachings for a very long time. After this period they knew that the teachings would appear again.

How does this relate to the current world that we live in? If we think of how people are coping with life in general, I would have to say much of life is being lived in fear.

Meaning that instead of understanding the differences in each other or understanding with compassion we are acting out in fear with violence or hateful talk. We are not understanding the concepts of Oneness, there is no separation and duality is neither good nor bad, it just is. What is it we are reacting to? Fear/ hate/ misunderstanding? If we sit and reflect on why this is bothering us, could we look at ourselves and see where it is or has been in us? What if we then could then see the differences with compassion… Love not fear.


So what does Medical Intuition mean to me? It is the art of combining mind, body, and spirit to feel whole and complete, meaning when we are in balance and in harmony (love and heart), our health, physical, mental, spiritual, chemical and emotional bodies are aligned and at ease. When we are not in alignment this is when the body talks with dis- ease and disharmony. (taught in MOD II)

The word ‘Medical’ means; of or relating to the study or practice of medicine and to make whole and complete and ‘Intuition’ means; instinctive knowledge or belief. So Medical is seeking advice and Intuition means following your own wisdom. How does this apply to our lives and also in being responsible for our own well-being?

Do we trust our own instinctive knowledge and do we practice or study our bodies/minds to understand what we need? How do we know where we are at? Today many of us are so busy that we don’t even stop to check in on ourselves, we put ourselves last.


What happens if the answers lie inside of you? How? When was the last time you stopped and thought about you? I really mean how do you treat you? Are you kind, loving and devoted to you? How is your self- talk? If you’re saying things to yourself e.g.: “ I’m fat and ugly, I’ll never be good enough, there is never enough time!” Then guess what, this is exactly what is created. These thoughts become a story or a pattern in our lives so each time we feel down we will keep the story going, “I’m fat and ugly”, so I’ll have these doughnuts because it doesn’t matter, or “I’ll never be good enough”, so that I never have to try and I can blame everyone else for my problems and “Never enough time” becomes a reality. This becomes the blame game, when we outsource something or someone else to blame when it’s really us who is responsible for our own actions, so take charge of yourself and make a commitment to change. (taught in MOD III)

So what happens to the body when these stories or patterns are repeated over and over again? This then becomes a drama or a story and the body will talk. This is also called body consciousness, where are bodies share our unconscious thoughts. The pain is both emotional and physical.  An example of body talk is Eczema. Perhaps you are feeling ‘guilty’ for eating the wrong foods, never having enough time or never feeling good enough which may cause you to have; skin irritations, rashes or itchiness. Thoughts of guilt are held in the skin or lymphatic system (taught in MOD I) the metaphysical meaning of skin is; guilt, protection, and self-acceptance, breathing of life, self-image, sensitivity.

So what happens if we become our own authorities of our lives and we create our lives with each thought…

We step out of the drama or story and become the observer, we detach from the outcome. It is then that we have an understanding or the awareness that we create our lives with our thoughts and when we are able to consciously let go of the how we are going to achieve them, this is when we tap into the 5th dimension. This is where the manifestation becomes instant.

Abundance is knowing you have the ability to create and what you can create is endless. Abundance is not just what you have physically e.g. Money. Abundance comes in many forms, it’s all around you, what do you see? You limit you with your own fears, beliefs and judgments’ of yourself (taught in MOD II)

Having an awareness of where your focus is meaning; is it at the how, the why, when is it going to start or awareness of the bigger picture, the finale? If “Never enough time” becomes “How can I create time?” this then offers a solution and turns a negative into a positive. But without this supposed negative and our bodies talking, we would not be able to see the patterns we are creating. So if we seek medical treatment to cure pain alone and the negative thoughts are not changed, this may cause pain to reoccur in the same areas or different parts of the body. (taught in MOD I)

How we perceive the world, others or even ourselves takes a different viewpoint.  Our perception begins to change and a transformation happens. We are then able to rewrite our stories and create new patterns. Self-realization is the outcome and what you choose to hold onto becomes a belief system.


When we tune in and connect to our bodies and minds with the Absolute, this is when fears and limiting beliefs begin to fade and all possibilities’ are available and obtainable to us, we awaken. Awakening is evolving to a greater awareness that we are not separate, we are one and the true power lies within. So take the time to tune into yourself using tools such as; meditation- focus on the big picture, breath in life, journaling- get your thoughts out of your head, getting out into nature- reconnect to yourself, to the universe. Daily attention to oneself becomes a habit. Start listening and noticing your body because what you resist persists! Life is a game, now how do you want to play it?

I believe the concept of combining mind, body and spirit to feel whole and complete are linked to Millennium Education and the Millennium Modality® teaching/courses because we are taught that if we seek medical advice to cure pain alone and the negative thoughts are not changed the pain may occur in other parts of the body creating dis-ease. Understanding the consciousness of each body part and where we are at (fear or love) we have a better understanding of what the body is trying to tell us and when we are able to detach from the drama we then have acceptance. We are able to self-realize that we are the creators of our life and manifestation is easy.

I chose to write about this subject Medical Intuition- What is it? I wanted a better understanding of the concept for myself as well as others. I want to be able to educate others in the art of Medical Intuition. In choosing this topic I have gone back to the basics to understand where medicine had started and how it has evolved. Medical Intuition is so much more than the body talking; it is a way of life. It is how we perceive each and every situation that we encounter daily and how we react and respond. What do we do with the emotions? It has become a daily practice for myself and a gift that I love to share with others.

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Know if your body has nutrient deficiencies with Medical Intuition

Know if your body has nutrient deficiencies with Medical Intuition...
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