Medical Astrology and Animals

Medical Astrology and Animals

(This is my dog Zac. He has an ORB on him. And feel the energy of the sunrise as it is the 5th Dimensional energies.)

In this transformational time the universe is calling us to awakening to the truth which absolute love. Great things are coming, and we are all asked to hang on and ride the wave of love not fear.

It is now that it is time to access consciousness and also the ancient wisdom such as what the universe says and what the planets and stars are saying. This aligns with Atlantis and ancient Egypt. During these times we always relied on the planets and the wisdom of Mystery School to guide us.

Let’s take a journey through what the planets, star signs and animals are saying to us and how we awaken to absolute love.

I have always loved Energy medicine hence why I have taught accredited Medical Intuitive courses globally for 25 + years. What fascinates me is when the body needs to heal it connects to everything including the environment, surrounds, past, the now, past lives, guides and angels, other people, the cosmos, planets and astrology. In fact, Medical Astrology is fascinating when it comes to energy. Each astrology sign is linked to specific body parts.

When I was nursing, this was never taken into consideration for people to heal completely. Working pathology and knowing about contagion diseases like CORONA 1 – 6, Sars, Swine, AIDS, Ebola, and others, I knew that nature was calling for us to all wake up the cycle of life. The only way we could do that is through the body – the one thing we own. However western medicine was and is missing the point – and that is the whole approach to healing.

Certain scientists like Bruce Lipton, have caught up with this ancient wisdom of energy and healing the body on this level. The concept that we are a hologram of everything and that when people are unwell it will be linked to everything.

The ancients and Shamans knew that Medical Astrology, traditionally known as Iatromathematics was and is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the sun, moon and planets, along with the twelve astrological signs. It is like an energetic cord that says look at the whole for health.

The energy of Medical Astrology can and was used for the awareness of what gifts and challenges may occur for people depending on when they were born and what star sign, they are born under and relating it to their body. By having this understanding, you can be conscious of what is happening then create a holistically healthy life in all areas.

When I teach Medical Astrology the body parts connected to the signs are:

ARIES – head, face, brain, eyes
TAURUS – throat, neck, thyroid, vocal tract
GEMINI – arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, brain
CANCER – chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal
LEO – heart, chest, spine, spinal column, upper back
VIRGO – digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system
LIBRA – kidneys, skin, lumber region, buttocks
SCORPIO – reproduction system, sexual organs, bowels, excretory system
SAGITTARIUS – hips, thighs, liver, sciatic nerve
CAPRICORN – knees, joints, skeletal system
AQUARIUS – ankles, calves, circulatory system
PISCES – feet, toes, lymphatic system, adipose tissue

When we link this awareness with other western medicine and personality typing, there is like a magic that happens and people, animals and the earth are suddenly at optimal health. This aligns with the children, earth and animal speaking with us now.

As you read this, I gift you a message I received whilst I was walking along the beach with my dog. (the photo at the top shows Zac and the blue orb on his body). I saw this gorgeous Blue Bottle jelly fish who spoke to me. I wanted to share as it aligns with giving and receiving. The jelly fish spoke loud and clear.

(Blue Bottle jelly fish)

This is what she said …


“I stand here alone. I am misunderstood. I am divine by creation. I am pure love. You humans judge me for being nasty, hurtful and I am hated. Yet I too have a purpose. I live, eat, breath and have a mission the same as a butterfly, yet you judge the butterfly as beautiful. I too have a predator .. the BLUE BOTTLE DRAGON jellyfish.

You see I am like you. Why do humans not see we animals are all you? Why do you insist on killing animals, or trying to save animals when we know the evolutionary process. I know that I am not truly alone – do you?

Can you recall your purpose? Your passion? Your missions? I can!


I do not go out to hurt anyone on purpose like humans – I use my gift of my tentacles to find my food sources. When I land on beach or accidentally sting a human it is to show you what is happening within you. Where are you stinging yourself. All animals are a mirror image of humans and the universe.

Can you see my beauty as I see yours? Can you feel my heartbeat as I feel yours? I am here for you as a gift not here to attack you. You do that enough to yourself. Please see your own beauty and know you and I are all absolute love. I see you as love and one.

Listen to the animals as they are talking loudly now for all humanity to wake up. Wake up to what is real – absolute love.

With those last words I heard her last ‘breath’ as she passed over. My dog and I sent her loving energy for her new journey and thanked her. What a blessing and gift. Thank you from my heart for talking to me ‘Miss Stinger’. Thank you for being a gift.

Today I encourage you to link the body part that is speaking to you and link to the star sign. Thank both aspects and watch what happens.

In these times BREATH!


In these times connect with each other.


In these times action absolute love.


This is the true meaning health and healing.

Absolute love to you super soul.

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