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I LOVE PET ROCKS – Crystals and Crystal Healing.

Recently I was asked in an interview of how I transitioned from Nursing to working with crystals and using them to heal the body. This editor of the Home Decoration Magazine was fascinated by crystals but wanted to know more. It was a client of mine that had experienced a crystal grid healing whilst having her Medical Intuitive session with me, referred me to this Magazine editor and said “Jean Sheehan loves crystals and calls them PET ROCKS. You need to speak to her as she remembers from Atlantis how to use them”. When my client read the article she asked … well she begged me to share what I was asked and wrote as a BLOG. So this is for you Vanessa.

And to add value to you I have added photos of crystals I love and how you can use them too. The one below shows how I do a remote Medical Intuitive session using crystal gridding. I know you can feel the energies too. Enjoy super soul. And if you want to learn with me CLICK HERE.

My remote healing session

Who would have thought I would leave Nursing to have a career from ‘pet rocks?’ Here I am 30 years later teaching how crystals have healing properties to doctors, social workers and even at Queensland University.

At 18 years old I was introduced to the concept of crystals and what they can do. I had an insatiable hunger to learn more, and my science brain wanted to know the quantum physic understanding as well as the metaphysical properties of the crystals.

Whilst Nursing and working in pathology, I investigated, experimented and practiced using crystals on myself and work colleagues for specific ailments and life struggles. I had not been taught how to use these, but I listened to my inner voice, intuition, which directed me where to put these crystals and what they were for. I was visited new age shops to purchase many crystals and later wholesalers and I now import specific and rare gems which will support and assist people. In my early years I attended a one day crystal seminar which was satisfying but there was something missing. Being the person, I am and with my science and medical brain I wanted to know more. There was no Google or internet back then.

Every day I ask my Medical Intuitive Cards and Sacred Geometry Cards for insight and healing and create a grid on my work desk.

Over the 30 years of doing client sessions using crystals and teaching how to have these in your work and home, I documented case studies and collected data on the transformation’s crystals brought to people’s lives. It was important and necessary to integrate the medical and metaphysical aspects of this work so that the client could maintain long term results. I applied this knowledge initially to adults and then children including babies. And then to animals. The results were phenomenal. A client asked if I could use the crystals on her dog and horse. Knowing that crystals cannot harm in any way I applied the specific crystals to her pets. Again, the results were instant. Over time I found that the healing properties of these gems could be used in gardens to assist plants to grow healthy, put in water to change the molecular structure and other crystals would bring abundance to one’s bank account. Over the years I have been asked to teach about crystals and healing properties to businesses, companies, childcare centres and schools and hospitals. Integrating my Nursing and metaphysical expertise I have travelled globally to teach how crystals can transform your life on so many levels.

Crystals grow in the earth’s crust over millions of years at high pressures and heat making them the objects on earth with the most energy. Having a crystal on you or within your electromagnetic field, raises your vibrational level by refracting and reflecting light into your mind and body. This is a process much like acupuncture, which filters out stagnant energy. Crystals are capable of receiving, containing, projecting, emanating, refracting, and reflecting light – the highest form of energy known in the physical universe. They not only move energy around the human form, but propel energy around the globe, and are often utilized within the areas of science and technology. Crystals have been useful in everything from lasers for microscopic surgery to biodynamic farming but can be found in everyday products as well such as wrinkle cream.

Crystals operate by naturally focusing and magnifying the body’s innate energies, which dissipate and equalize mental, emotional and physical stress. They further alleviate suppressed or unreleased pain and help one to make desired shifts in every aspect of one’s being. The results are an elevated quality of life in all areas, including personal growth and optimum health. For centuries crystals have been used to heal. Such experiences have been documented in Sanskrit and thread various cultures and civilizations throughout time. The Mayans, American Indians, and various Latin American and Indian cultures all contain histories rich with stone healing. It is in fact debatable whether jewelry was originally invented for adornment or healing. Each gemstone embodies a unique energy with a specific kind of healing.

I never get unwell and if I rarely do I know it is my body talking. Yes I cam crashing down with COVID19 and I was unable to do anything. My gorgeous Medical Intuitive students sent me remote distant healing and crystals grids during this time. I could feel it and I know it helped me recover withing 2 days.

For those that are not aware of crystals and the healing properties, the first reaction is ‘they are pretty’ or ‘how can a rock do anything?’ The misconception is that they are ornamental only. Some people have thought them to ‘hurt’ you on some level. Many do not know that by having a crystal of your choice near your bed, yes it can look like an ornament but at the same time it will aid you sleep or stop nightmares or even give a form of protection.

One the biggest misunderstanding is ‘which crystal do I you use?’ The answer is easy – which ever one you are drawn to dependant on what your questions is. If a crystal breaks some people have thought, it to be bad luck – not at all it is now 2 pieces of crystal rather than 1. It will still contain its healing properties.

There are (4) common crystals which are most popular for the home due to their healing properties and how they look. They will assist all that live in the home including children, adults, pets and plants.

1. AMETHYST, purple coloured crystal can identify the root causes behind behaviours, habits and emotional pattern which create disease. It is used for addictions, balances the nervous system. It brings a feeling of ‘home’.

2. CLEAR QUARTZ, clear coloured crystal is the most favourite which is used for clarity on all levels. When you are feeling blocked or need guidance the precision of insight is so clear. It stimulates the growth of fingernails and hair and assist in removing adhesions on the connective tissue.

3. ROSE QUARTZ, baby pink coloured crystal is the most humble but most powerful crystal in learning love of self. It calms the mind and releases worry.

4. CITRINE, a yellow coloured crystal, marries the will power and mind together to give personal power. It brings optimism and playfulness. Many use this crystal to aid the digestive problems and metabolism.

Crystals have this magical gift of ‘talking’ to you. They choose you and you become the keeper of the crystal for however long they are with you. When a crystal has done its ‘healing’ property you may find it breaks, gets lost or someone may have taken it. This is perfect as it is time for them to assist someone else and time for you to choose another crystal to work with. You may be searching for a crystal which will bring abundance and you find that PERIDOT is the gem for you. When you search for this crystal, pick it up and hold it, there is an innate part of you that knows which crystal is for you as there is a feeling you may have or a sensation. Ultimately the crystal is talking to you as it will resonate with what you need.

Meet my fur baby Zac … aka known as Crystal Grid Magnet as loves my grids and as soon as O make one anywhere in my office or home, he must lie next to it for the healing.

Crystals can be used in the home with unlimited variety. If you are wanting your crystal as a decorative ornament for the coffee or dining room table, you may choose aventurine which brings about relaxation so anyone sitting near it or children touching it will feel the relaxation effects. For those that have sleeping problems or nightmares you may choose hematite crystal which can be placed under the bed or placed on the bedside table. If you have pain and stress you may like to have white howlite crystal in the bathroom. Some crystals can even be placed in the bath to energise the water. I had one client place a citrine crystal in her pantry to give her the will power to stop emotionally eating. Crystals can also be buried in the garden or placed as decoration in the garden bed which assist the plants but looks lovely if you are creating a fun children’s’ garden. There are no set rules of how to buy them, where to put them or where they should go in the home. By listening to your own intuition of what you are attracted to, you will find that crystal is perfect for that occasion and situation. If you are wanting specific and direct properties such as clarity, then a clear quartz crystal in the office where children study. You may like to have a bowl of tumbled stones which children learn maths with by using these are counters. You may choose an egg shaped crystal which is not only ornamental but can be used for massaging. There are no limits on how use these divine gems.

You can see I use crystals on my dining room table when I doing my planning. I will be honest I have crystals in my fridge, pantry, garden, everywhere.

Crystals have a magnetising energy which draws people to them. As mentioned earlier, they ‘talk’ to us and the innate part of us which is known as ‘gut feeling’, ‘intuition’ or ‘feels right’ is attracted to the crystal. There is a childlike quality of playfulness, innocence and of course they are part of nature. Sometimes it is the colour or the texture and or the form a crystal may take that draws people to them.  There is magic in everything and child within us all and it is that part that is attracted to the crystal. Today people asking for new ways to assist them in health, lifestyle and to create the life they want. Crystals are part of that as they were in very ancient times, and they are so effective, gentle and powerful that many are drawn to them as jewellery, accessories and decoration.

Having worked with crystals for 30 years I have crystals in my key areas of work and home.  I have a home based business with 6 staff. At our desks which each has a piece of Smokey quartz cluster crystal to absorb the radiation of the computers, ipads, electricals and phones. Next to that is a strawberry quartz crystal sphere which assists me to keep focus of my purpose and focus to seize the day. Each morning I sit on my porch with a cup of tea next to my selenite tower crystal. This soft flaky crystal allows me to overcome stagnation and inspires me to move forward with my day. Beside my bed I have a white howlite heart shaped crystal which is for remembering dreams. The two bathrooms have a bowl of tumbled stones as decoration, but it allows anyone to take a crystal if they want it. The idea is it is like a ‘lucky dip’ and they can put their hand in to the glass jar, ask a question and pull the crystal which aligns with that question. Throughout my house you will find rose quartz everywhere as its healing properties of love of self, calm the mind and alleviate worry brings tranquillity and peace throughout the house. On my dining room table, I have a large honey calcite slab as a feature. It is stunning to look at, smells just like honey and I love the properties it offers of self-confidence and courage. Depending how I feel I also have crystal earrings, necklaces, bracelets and tumbled stones for my pocket.

Yes, these items can be found anywhere as I will take off the jewellery and forget to put it away but that is Ok as I find visitors picking it up, rubbing the crystal and stating they feel so amazing whilst holding the crystal. My Mother in law had a headache and I asked her to wear my rose quartz bracelet. Her reply was my headache has gone. Crystals for me are like living in a candy store – so much variety, so pretty and they make my family, our visitors and friends feel wonderful. You can never have too many crystals! If a crystal is to break, disappear or be taken I thank it for coming into my life and know it is time to buy something else. Usually, I am gifted crystals by clients and it will always be just what I needed. Each day I thank nature for her amazing wisdom and gift of a ‘pretty pet rock’ which offers so much in so many ways.

Lastly, I love to surprise gift crystals to everyone I know. This is me at Xmas time, travelling the world giving random gifts of love (crystals) to all so that all can have healing.

I would love to see you crystals and I so hope you can come and learn crystals with me at my next Medical Intuitive course. Check the photos of what we get up to here And if you haven’t joined my MYSTERY SCHOOL Facebook group, join here.

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